Business Planning Made Easy

Often an entrepreneurial journey ends before it even begins. Individuals will hear those dreaded words--- BUSINESS PLAN.

You might start thinking... I didn't go to business school. I don't know where to even begin. What needs to be in a plan? What information will I need?

This ebook will break down your business planning into easy to do steps. You don't have to be overwhelmed. You don't have to give up on your dream.

Dr. Cindy Briggs

Hi! I am Dr. Cindy Briggs and I am an entrepreneur, business professor, and author. I love helping individuals start their entrepreneurial journey. I have coached thousands of people as they have jumped into business ownership.

I realized that many people need some starting points on this path. Instead of overwhelming you with all of the things needed to be an entrepreneur-- I have created ebooks, courses, freebies, etc. to help get you started.

You can learn more about me at

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