Dr. Cindy Briggs

Dr. Cindy Briggs is a successful entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcast host and homeschool mom. She has coaches hundreds of people who want to follow their dreams of business ownership-- and she wants to show you this can be done WHILE you are homeschooling your children. To learn more about Dr. Briggs visit her website at www.cindybriggsphd.com

The Entrepreneurial Homeschool Mom: Building a Business from Home

Dr. Cindy Briggs presents "The Entrepreneurial Homeschool Mom," a practical guide for mothers navigating the world of homeschooling while running a successful business from home. Drawing from her own experiences and those of other homeschooling entrepreneurs, Briggs provides actionable strategies to balance family, education, and entrepreneurship. From finding the right business idea to managing finances and maintaining work-life balance, this book covers essential topics in less than 200 pages. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom seeking to supplement income or a seasoned entrepreneur embracing homeschooling, this guide offers invaluable advice and inspiration to thrive in both roles. With insights on branding, marketing, and organization, "The Entrepreneurial Homeschool Mom" equips mothers with the tools to build thriving businesses while prioritizing their children's education and well-being.